A website produced by H:MC21 to promote homeopathy and defend the right of people in the UK to choose homoeopathy within the NHS

There's plenty you can do to maintain a reasonable choice in medicine ...


Whether you have only a few minutes to spare, or you’re willing to put some significant time into it, there is plenty you can do to stop homeopathy being marginalised.  Here’s a list of things you might consider doing (from easiest to more involved):


  • Send an email to your contacts (or people you know) to get them to visit this site or our other site at www.hmc21.org.


  • Include a short footer in your email signature to raise awareness.  Details here.



  • Ask your MP to contact us for information about homeopathy and for advice on Parliamentary questions on the subject.


  • Organise a local meeting or debate - we are happy to provide a speaker. Contact us at [email protected].


  • Join our mailing list for updates on research and events connected with homeopathy and the H:MC21 campaign.



  • Blog about “Homeopathy worked for me”, our websites, or homeopathy in general (and link back to us).  Not familiar with blogging, or need help with ideas?  Details here.


  • … or do something similar on your FaceBook/MySpace or other social networking pages.


  • Take time to add comments on some of the weblogs about homeopathy on the internet, either those for it or those against it.  Details here.


  • Let us know if you can help in any way (maybe you have a specialist skill which you can contribute, or perhaps you know of someone famous who you might be able to encourage to get involved).  Contact us here.


  • Contribute to the fund which supports this charity.  Details here.


  • Get involved with other campaigns which are related to ours.  Contact us here.


  • Set up a local group, or link with groups with similar interests (e.g. fighting cuts in the NHS).  Contact us here.


In addition, if you are a homeopath or a complementary/alternative medicine practitioner, you might also consider the following (but don't forget all the options above too!) …  


  • Communicate with your patients/contacts about the “homeopathy worked for me” campaign (we can help you with resources).  


  • Introduce/refer us to other practitioners who you know, and who might be able to help.



Got another idea?  Need some help?  Please let us know.

If you want to make sure you can have reasonable access to homeopathy in the UK, just take a few moments to decide how you can help support this campaign.  Doing nothing won't get you there!

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Even if you are very short of time, there are plenty of things you can do to help.  Take a close look at the list on the this page.

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