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Free Speech or Defamation? (31 May 2009)


We urge supporters to write to the Editor of the Observer protesting at the newspaper’s support for Simon Singh. He and his supporters are claiming that Mr Justice Eady's ruling in the libel case brought against Singh by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) is an attack on free speech, but the original judge's ruling on the meaning of Singh's article in The Guardian made it clear that


"one is not permitted to seek shelter behind a defence of fair comment when the defamatory sting is one of verifiable fact."


Singh appealled on the grounds that he was stating opinions rather than facts, and won the right to base his case on this argument. The BCA then withdrew from the case.



H:MC21 Success at CamExpo (11 November 2008)


Suporters joined the Trustees at the H:MC21 stand at CamExpo at Earl's Court on 25 and 26 October.  Now in its sixth year, camexpo has firmly established itself as the leading event for the CAM community, and it proved a good opportunity for the Trustees to make contact with others fight against the attacks on complementary and alternative medicine. At a talk for the Alliance for Natural Health the speaker particularly directed the audience to H:MC21's work.


About 700 people signed the Declaration over the two days, many taking sheets away to collect more signatures.



First Anniversary Party (11 November 2008)


H:MC21's party on 19 October to celebrate their first year was a great succes.  The range of people attending included patients, homeopaths from the newly qualified to those who have been in practice for more than 40 years, as well as representatives from registering bodies and companies.  It showed that supporters are being drawn from all those for whom homeopathy is important.

(see photos on the right, taken by Emma Dooley)



New Support for Homeopathy (10 November 2008)


New studies have revealed serious flaws in the meta-analysis of research into homeopathy  which led The Lancet to claim ‘The End of Homeopathy’ in August 2005.  Apart from the fact that the authors of the trial did not reveal their criteria for selecting a short-list of 8 trials of homeopathy out of 110, It appears that they also made assumptions which dramatically affect the results, particularly the basis for a claim that homeopathy is simply placebo.  Even the claim that it was a "matched comparison" of homeopathy with conventional medicine was untrue since the undisclosed final selection of trials included only 6 of conventional ftreatments, which cannot possibly be matched to 8 homeopathic trials all for different conditions.  For more information click here.


H:MC21 gets charity status! (26 June 2008)


Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century has been granted charity status by the Charity Commission for England and Wales (no. 1124711). We would like to particularly thank those supporters who have made donations to H:MC21 enabing it to meet the financial qualification so quickly.


New "Toolkit" available for homeopaths (6 May 2008)


For Homeopathy (4H) and Nelsons Pharmacy have created a Toolkit to help homeopaths promote their practices and homeopathy generally.  The kit includes advice on communication with the public, patients and the local press, and templates for letters, posters, press releases and articles.  Leaflets and other material for promotion during Homeopathy Awareness Week are also available.



Homeopathy for animals under threat (22 March 2008)


If you treat your animals with homeopathy then you need to know that the British Veterinary Surgeons Act is currently under review by a Parliamentary Committee and they are inviting information and comment. The homoeopathic vets are facing the same sort of attacks from others in their profession as homeopaths are, and it is vital that owners write to their MPs in defence of the right to treat their animals.


Letters to MPs and to DEFRA (especially those asking a question and therefore needing a reply) are actually noted and that it is surprising how few are needed to have an effect. Letters sent to the Committee should state that:


            ... the owner has used homoeopathy;

            ... the owner has found it to help the problem;

            ... the owner would like to have the freedom to choose the type of treatment for their own animals;

            ... the veterinary profession is not able to offer this service;

            ... homoeopathy should be specifically included within the remit of the Act;

            ... lay professionals should be able to treat animals.


You can get information about contacting your MP at: http://www.parliament.uk/directories/directories.cfm.  


At present, by strict interpretation, homoeopathy given to animals by anyone other than a vet or an owner is illegal, no matter how well qualified the practitioner, and only about 250 vets are qualified in homoeopathy. Apparently a survey in a vetinary magazine two years ago reported that 65% of owners want homoeopathic or other alternative.


Further information is available at: http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/VideoPlayer.aspx?meetingId=1246




Homeopathic vets support H:MC21 (28 February 2008)


The  British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons has given its support to the work of H:MC21.

You can visit their website here.



H:MC21 confirms a patron: Miranda Castro (28 February 2008)


News just in from the Trustees of H:MC21 that Miranda Castro (FSHom) has just been named Patron of the trust and the "Homeopathy worked for me" campaign.  Miranda Castro is an incredibly well respected homeopath who is widely published, is frequently invited to teach at schools and has presented numerous papers and presentations at prestigious conferences around the world.  She says:


"Homeopathy Worked For Me is a brilliantly achievable campaign. It is also deceptively simple. I am honored to be a patron of such a committed and creative group whose passion for homeopathy matches my own."


You can visit Miranda Castro's website here.



UK celebrities back "Homeopathy worked for me" campaign (1 February 2008)


The Trustees of H:MC21 have just confirmed that five well known UK celebrities have agreed to endorse the Homeopathy worked for me campaign.  Actresses Jenny Seagrove and Michelle Collins, along with actor Carl Myers, TV presenter Gaby Roslin and well known obstetrician Yehudi Gordon have all this week confirmed their public support for this campaign.  More news in relation to this will be posted in the next two weeks.  Watch this space ...

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