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Can I get homeopathy on the NHS?

In theory yes, because homeopathy was written into the charter of the NHS, and the NHS has had five homeopathic hospitals: in Tunbridge Wells, London, Liverpool, Bristol and Glasgow. In practice access to homeopathy through the NHS depends on various factors:

  • The willingness of your GP to refer you to an NHS facility or to a private homeopath. This varies widely.

  • The policy of the Primary Care Trust (PCT) about using homeopathy. This varies, and there is currently a campaign by a small group to persuade PCTs to stop funding homeopathic treatment.

  • The availability in your area. As a result of the campaign noted above, homeopathy may no longer be available at the Tunbridge Wells hospital after April 2009, and is threatened in London and Bristol.


How much does homeopathic treatment cost?

Depending on where you live, anything between £45 and £120 for a first consultation, but less for the following consultations. The charge covers the actual consultation, the time spent analysing your case, and the prescription. The cost of the first consultation is higher because a great deal of work is done at this time: the consultation generally lasts an hour or more, and all the information has to be put into order for the first time.


Are homeopaths regulated?

At present, the majority of homeopaths belong to one of several self-regulating bodies. The largest of these is the Society of Homeopaths with approximately 2,300 members, others include the Homeopathic Medical Association and the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. Members of these bodies sign the organisation's code of ethics and conduct and are properly insured. There is no statutory regulation at present, so the title "homeopath" is not protected, and anybody can call themselves a homeopath. It is important, therefore, to check that your homeopath is registered with one of the main bodies. There are also about 350 doctor homeopaths, working in NHS homeopathic hospitals or in private practice; most of them belong to the Faculty of Homeopathy. They are registered with their statutory professional body, the General Medical Council.


How can I be sure I get a properly trained homeopath?

You can contact one of the registers:

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